Hair Braiding Tips and Information

Know what to expect when you get your hair braided on your next vacation.

  1. Braids can last from weeks to months, depending on the type of hair. Just shampoo and rinse to take care of them. You can smooth any stray hairs with gel or a similar hair product.
  2. Your hair braids will expose skin on your scalp that usually never sees direct sunlight. You need to put sunscreen on your head to avoid getting a miserable sunburn. The spray application sunscreens work great for this.
  3. Hair braiding is different than hair wrapping. With braiding, several small tight braids are put into the hair. This can go the full length of the hair or may just be near the crown. Hair wrapping is when colored threads are wrapped around a strand (or strands) of hair.
  4. Consider photos and cruise formal nights when deciding whether to get your hair braided. You may want to select beads that match your formal wear.
  5. A few people don’t adjust well to the feel of tight braids up close to their heads. This type of reaction is the exception – most people enjoy their braids.
  6. It is customary to provide a tip, if the braids are done well.

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